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Apr 2 2018 6:20PM
Oct 21 2015 10:41PM
They say it's "ultimate" and yet there are literally only 2 worlds.
Sep 18 2014 12:44PM
my fave character is Amy Rose

and Cream and Tails :3
Sep 18 2014 12:40PM
i know the code for all characters:

Mar 2 2013 5:56PM
im lesbian have cyber with girl if ask
Sep 13 2012 10:13AM
i love this game {i <3 sonic and mario but mostly sonic!!!)
without cream sonic would not exist soo if you played as cream add me!
Feb 17 2012 4:55PM
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Feb 16 2012 1:28PM
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oh yah emos die
Feb 16 2012 1:28PM
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Feb 16 2012 1:28PM
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Feb 16 2012 1:27PM
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Feb 16 2012 1:27PM
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Feb 16 2012 1:27PM
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Feb 16 2012 1:27PM
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Feb 16 2012 1:27PM
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Feb 16 2012 1:26PM
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Feb 16 2012 1:26PM
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Dec 19 2011 1:11PM
i mean 595212121212121
Dec 19 2011 1:10PM
the password to super sonic is 234323232323234
Sep 9 2011 1:56AM
595313131313131 this is the code to unlock Shadow and Amy
Aug 11 2011 3:50PM
AAAH!!! Why does everyone think Tails is stupid and gay just cuz he's 8? In my opinion, age doesn't determine whether ur cool or not! AND I'm not trying to start fight here, but TAILS IS A NOT REAL!!! Stop arguing over whether fictional characters are gay, bi, straight, or stupid!! It doesn't matter! Tails is kewl to me! He's my 2nd fav Sonic char. behind Shadow and if Shadow didn't exist Tails would be mah all time FAV!!! GO TAILS!!!
Mar 9 2011 9:15PM
Feb 6 2011 3:03PM
will some1 tell me the code plez and i rate it 500 /5
Nov 6 2010 12:41AM
lol i got super sonic with a code
Sep 2 2010 9:03PM
good game ps wate is the code
Aug 22 2010 6:11PM
Who likes Shadow the hedghog??????? Because I Do!
Aug 22 2010 6:07PM
Still it is a great game! I agree to that Emerl and Chaos should be in the game!
Aug 12 2010 7:28AM
yes, i agree with ShadowianDude1. i dont really know who emerl is but i agree that chaos should be in the game and shadow and silver.
Aug 4 2010 4:26PM
if only Emerl was in this game. . .AND CHAOS!!!
Jul 31 2010 8:03AM
They need to put Tails as a playable character in Sonic the Hedgehog 4, not just cause he flys, cause he is an awesome character
Jul 15 2010 9:16AM
AWESOME GAME I LUV SONIc!!!!! 5/5 shadow is awesome so is sonic and coolk657 tails had a gf in sonic x? never knew that... wuz it cosmo or someone else???
Jul 5 2010 7:13AM
nomad is SOOO dam rite tails isnt gay he had a girl friend in sonic x if he has a girlfriend how is he gay. . . -_-"
Jun 28 2010 2:44PM
This game was easy, beat it like 10 times lmao
Jun 21 2010 12:48PM
in act one, i ALWAYS lost until i had one life left. then i tried cream, and she didnt lose a single life!!! go cream!!! WOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!
May 25 2010 11:06PM
Apr 19 2010 10:27PM
this is cool not hard i mean ive gotten to thenth lvl and did u know theres a real game just like this the GAME is
Mar 27 2010 11:38AM
no sonic is better
Mar 22 2010 8:36PM
kuckles i so awsom and he is better than sonic!!!
Mar 20 2010 2:36PM
this game is kind of hard
Mar 4 2010 1:18AM
Itz Alright 2/5
Feb 28 2010 8:22PM
this game is a little bit fun
Feb 21 2010 12:19AM
Shadow cheat is fun, but geuss what.... I FORGOT THE PASSWORD!!!
Feb 21 2010 12:18AM
Sonic cheat is fun, but geuss what.... I FORGOT THE PASSWORD!!!
Feb 15 2010 10:46AM
i like shadow... and chocolate
i know a passwd 2 get him (u probly do 2)
but if u dont u can ask me
Feb 15 2010 10:43AM
grrr u madea your a yaoi ohi (that is japanese 4 I WONT TELL U!!!!!!
Feb 13 2010 3:44PM
Feb 13 2010 12:15PM
sweet game! 4/5
Jan 30 2010 7:38PM
during my play time as tails,i became invisible,cool/anoying glich!
Jan 25 2010 12:00PM
Jan 19 2010 9:37PM
i never ment that
Jan 19 2010 9:36PM
sry cream did not mean that
Jan 19 2010 9:35PM
i also like the cream but she is stupid
Jan 19 2010 9:35PM
this game is good my favrite is knucles
Jan 8 2010 4:42PM
Cool game
Jan 7 2010 2:25PM
595313131313131 This code will get you Shadow!
Dec 31 2009 11:01PM
ok game. Hate the spinning egg thingamagig. 3/5
Dec 21 2009 5:14PM
sory 59531(x)6
Dec 21 2009 5:13PM
at the password menu press 5953(x)6
Dec 5 2009 3:37AM
Tails and Knuckles are the best Sonic Characters. good game. 4.5/5
Nov 11 2009 12:44AM
this game sucks ballsc
Nov 8 2009 12:22PM
Happy Really happy Wink Happy eyes ^_^ Laughing eyes > Cat smile :3 Grumpy >Sad Crying :'( Shocked Glasses Cool shades 8-| Tongue Woot?! O.o Dork -_- Duhhh :/ Devil 3 Angel O Kiss Love < 3 (<'minus this space'3) ♥ Pacman :v Robot ] Dude utnam
Nov 6 2009 4:42PM
i've been working on an art series featuring sonic in it not because i liked it, but because it was popular. I never really gave a crap about sonic. But with the art series, it's kinda been digging into my mind... so now that i'm playing this, i guess sonic will be stuck in my brain for a while.
Sep 27 2009 6:17PM

Sep 23 2009 7:05PM
Happy Really happy Wink Happy eyes ^_^ Laughing eyes > Cat smile :3 Grumpy >Sad Crying :'( Shocked Glasses Cool shades 8-| Tongue Woot?! O.o Dork -_- Duhhh :/ Devil 3 Angel O Kiss Love < 3 (<'minus this space'3) ♥ Pacman :v Robot ] Dude utnam:
Sep 23 2009 7:04PM
Happy Really happy Wink Happy eyes ^_^ Laughing eyes > Cat smile :3 Grumpy >Sad Crying :'( Shocked Glasses Cool shades 8-| Tongue Woot?! O.o Dork -_- Duhhh :/ Devil 3 Angel O Kiss Love < 3 (<'minus this space'3) ♥ Pacman :v Robot ] Dude utnam:

for facebook
Sep 12 2009 7:52PM
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Sep 7 2009 8:37PM
I LOVE SONIC check me out
Aug 31 2009 10:22AM
you are all gay **** heads suck your nans out you dirty little ****s
Aug 21 2009 11:09AM
check out my profile
Aug 21 2009 11:09AM
it good but not as good as the origanal
Aug 14 2009 2:20PM
hey wats up w/ KNUCKLES he cant glide in this game
Aug 3 2009 10:40AM
i went up to frosty island
Jul 29 2009 3:37PM
Beat it! I got Shadow and Amy and and here's a password to play as them, 595313131313131.
Jul 25 2009 4:47AM
Jul 25 2009 4:47AM
Jul 7 2009 9:04PM
Sonic is awesome
Jul 7 2009 5:03PM
Since you guys think this game is so bad here is a cheat code 595313131313131
Jul 1 2009 4:56PM
this game sucks
Jun 28 2009 11:22AM
its hard for me its so much easeyier on the gamecube
Jun 27 2009 3:03PM
Bam! i got Shadow and Amy and all the cheats
Jun 24 2009 6:14PM
May 27 2009 8:33PM
dont like it alot
May 19 2009 7:58PM
this game is so f*cking fun!
May 10 2009 8:00AM
sucks it's so boring.
Apr 30 2009 9:34PM
ohh... fun but eggman number 2 always beats me when the music changes and he starts firing faster
Apr 27 2009 2:24PM
Apr 19 2009 3:43PM
don't type in tails can fly it just locks your compuetr/pc
Apr 8 2009 11:33AM
This game is sooooooooo awesome!
Mar 28 2009 4:42PM
I Like This Game so MUCH!
Feb 28 2009 5:56PM
Feb 24 2009 4:49PM
Cream and Amy: LAME
Feb 24 2009 4:47PM
Sonic is cool, but Mario is pretty good as well.
BTW: Awesome Game
Feb 23 2009 6:42PM
Feb 22 2009 10:42AM
Who do you guys think is better
Mario or Sonic? plese vote!
Feb 21 2009 6:18PM
Feb 20 2009 8:32PM
the game sucks
Feb 14 2009 12:51PM
fun but i knew the cheat before anyone else
Feb 8 2009 12:53PM
595313131313131 is the ulimate code.
Tails can follow Cream!!!!!
Jan 31 2009 12:52PM
when you have the moon cheat,it hard to run
Jan 19 2009 6:10PM
to unlock shadow and amy the password is 595313131313131
Jan 19 2009 5:11PM
i like tails....he can fly!
Jan 17 2009 12:07PM
cool game. i like being cream. shes my favorite
Jan 15 2009 12:40PM
awesome game =D
Jan 12 2009 6:53PM
who gives a damm on how the **** sonic used 2 run in a different game don't u have something els 2 talk about? GOD
Jan 1 2009 4:11PM
oh cuz man i was ****ing getting confused
Jan 1 2009 12:05PM
I died after the big dumb ball
Jan 1 2009 10:46AM
sonic run 2 makes sonic's legs spin around when he runs.
Dec 31 2008 4:12PM
wat does sonic run 2 do?
i dnt c big any were
tell me and i will give you my sonic advance game
Dec 30 2008 12:26PM
this game is madd fun an its a thinkin games
Dec 26 2008 7:26PM
inorder to activate this code:595313131313131 go to create password and type it in duh everybody knows this is for the new people
Dec 26 2008 7:23PM
how did that image is my image???
Dec 26 2008 7:20PM
i luv this game because 1 its my fav and 2 IT HAS CHEATS!!! LOL!!! DUDES
Dec 23 2008 2:15PM
I luv this game. Of course its in my faves!
Dec 21 2008 4:12PM
Dec 13 2008 12:11PM
hi this COOLEMM1 i loved it pl
Nov 10 2008 8:54PM
this game is pretty cool
Oct 27 2008 5:08PM
i loove this game like it was the real one
Sep 22 2008 11:51PM
i have the password
Sep 22 2008 11:50PM
i have cheats
Sep 17 2008 6:45PM
Sep 17 2008 6:45PM
hi guys shadow is better than sonic yeah its true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 14 2008 5:48PM
count bleck rocks
Sep 14 2008 5:47PM
i love shadow hes cool
Aug 23 2008 3:02PM
it is fun but the egg bomber is hard.add me and i will add u back
Aug 21 2008 5:58PM
okay, its a perfect clone!!
Aug 21 2008 5:57PM
This game is a (almost) perfect clone of the original games
Aug 18 2008 7:55PM
Aug 17 2008 2:00PM
Awesome! I love Tails
Aug 15 2008 6:40PM
AWSOME besides sonics popualer
Aug 1 2008 6:29PM
I love Amy! And besides, this game skipped to much -_-
Jul 26 2008 11:16PM
Fun Game!!! ?
Jul 1 2008 6:51PM
if i were any of you guys i wouldm't try to unlock amy she sucks too bad
Jun 22 2008 6:00PM
Here is the code
Jun 21 2008 1:17AM
if you didnt get the code sonicfan had is 595313131313131
Jun 19 2008 9:07PM
The password is 019010101010101 its a long freakin` password buit thats the whole password.
Jun 18 2008 5:17PM
what is the code
Jun 7 2008 9:58PM
man yo this is awsome the code is cool beacause you unlock all the charckerters
Jun 7 2008 9:06PM
sonicfan thanks man that is awsome!!!
Jun 7 2008 5:45PM
sonic is crap i mean blast trew wit sonic speed try flame speed respect flame 20:45
Jun 5 2008 11:06AM
i was talkin to everybody
Jun 3 2008 7:54PM
know i mean but thanks
Jun 3 2008 7:53PM
i knaw
Jun 3 2008 7:22PM
go to password and type in 595313131313131 to unlock everything it really works
Jun 3 2008 6:20PM
this game rocks and i have sonic advance 2
Jun 1 2008 9:50PM
big sonic fan
May 31 2008 2:52PM
best game ever
May 28 2008 2:05PM
sonic is cool and so is this game but nintendo is wayyyyyyy better
May 26 2008 12:29PM
awsome sonic's 2 run is cool
May 25 2008 6:13PM
May 15 2008 5:52PM
Awesome Game!
May 4 2008 10:44PM
Sonic rules for ever
Apr 18 2008 9:36PM
sonic is kool nut i dont like this game much. it waz 2 ez. hey u people msg me plz.
Mar 26 2008 6:38PM
Sonic rules
Mar 9 2008 3:09PM
This Game Rules
Jan 27 2008 10:01PM
? that is wat i am talking about patrick sabillon
Nov 5 2007 10:00PM
??!!!!!!!!!!sonic rules bigtime!
Oct 25 2007 9:53PM
f*ck u sonic RULES!
Oct 17 2007 8:57PM
loser im not
Sep 27 2007 12:21PM
this rules!