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Nov 15 2016 2:43PM
The best game on this site. I love it!
Oct 21 2013 3:23PM
Is there any body out there?
May 26 2013 11:52AM
say selena gomez 10 times paste this on 2 other games and check your voice.
Mar 29 2013 10:23PM
i always lose it sucks
Dec 30 2012 12:21AM
-at playing poker online
Dec 30 2012 12:21AM
but it is fun. of course maybe i am just better than the rest of u people
Dec 30 2012 12:20AM
it is not hard
Dec 30 2012 12:19AM
pretty good game
Dec 27 2012 1:28PM
Hard but fun
Feb 1 2012 6:58AM
F**K I LOST ME $$$$$$$$$$$$ NOOOOOOOOO!!!!
Sep 10 2011 4:12AM
i love this game to best st it ;]
Jul 30 2011 12:31AM
Jul 30 2011 12:31AM
Jun 20 2011 8:00PM
how about this all in to kill justbeiber10min. later fullhouse im gonna go kill justin beiber

freind me.
Jun 3 2011 1:27AM
this game roxs i freaking love this
May 16 2011 10:02PM
Apr 1 2011 1:30PM
good game. very addicting. 5/5
Dec 23 2010 10:31AM
I absulutee lovee this game!
Oct 30 2010 9:57PM
It's fun until you try to move into a new town. Nobody told me it was going to cost $9.95 to move up.
Aug 25 2010 4:45PM
i won easy 18 times medium 10 and hard 4 and im 9 years old in total to win that much times it took me 3 months
Aug 22 2010 3:07PM
one of my fave games
Aug 15 2010 2:00PM
i beat it and took over all of texas not bad for a 13 year old ea
Aug 11 2010 4:57PM
this is the best game i ever¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
Aug 4 2010 3:20PM
i love this game and im beast at it
Jul 31 2010 1:11PM
NOO!!!!!!!!!! I AMMMM!!!!!!!!!
Jul 29 2010 9:32PM
i am the governor of poker
Jul 27 2010 2:45PM
i sat here for the whole time playing this game
Jul 27 2010 10:47AM
i do not know how to play poker . i luv the song Poker Face from Lady Gaga if u r a fan of her be my friend and write in my inbox NOW !!!! or my sister Chloe that is dead will kill u !!!!!!!!
Jul 17 2010 8:23PM
ok game
Jul 8 2010 2:00PM
love it! just takes awhile to get ur luck up lol
Jun 27 2010 2:49AM
3rd comment see for yourself!!! MWAHAHAHHAHAAHAH!!!
Jun 15 2010 5:50PM
cool game it is fun to me but it is kinda hard sometimes
Apr 27 2010 5:51PM
easy to beat
Apr 24 2010 4:11PM
me 2
Feb 28 2010 1:51AM
this game is ok but it hink ive played better poker games b4
Feb 20 2010 10:30AM
This game is the bomb! I've been playing poker online since I was 6, but this is the COOLEST!1!!!!!
Jan 30 2010 12:08PM
I love this game!
Jan 22 2010 4:39PM
bet it all they well fall for it
Jan 20 2010 7:15PM
i lov dis game eeet's the best i'm hooked ;D
Dec 30 2009 3:28PM
i love this but i won a horse and i had to buy the epansion thats ****ing gay its like plants vs zombies allover again and hint when you get alot of money buy all the houses once you do that you you face san saba which after you beat him then you get a house and hes hard
Dec 28 2009 7:45PM
best poker game i have played any body who does not like this u suck
Dec 28 2009 10:26AM
this game is fun 5/5 and pst me if you want to be freinds
Dec 26 2009 8:43AM
thisgame hates me it wont even load and if there are any girls out there single send me message
Dec 21 2009 6:23PM
This game is great!! I can't stop playing it!
Dec 6 2009 3:09AM
mehhh...... i dont like it and I don't know how to play poker
Oct 12 2009 3:24PM
shuey18 you a ****en **** **** whore that is gay an only like to fuk ugly guys and ugly ****s
Oct 11 2009 9:38AM
this is awesome game i cant stop playing it
Aug 29 2009 5:52PM
this is an effing awesome game!!!
add me<<<<
Aug 15 2009 9:16AM
ok and awesome at the same time add me
Aug 6 2009 10:51AM
wat do u mean shuey18
Aug 5 2009 9:28PM
Haha im in first place of the top 20 that means i win little fellers that r slow and cant win
Jul 16 2009 2:18PM
best game ever i love it

Jul 15 2009 9:25PM
I freaken love this game out of ten i give it a 1000000
Jul 5 2009 6:19PM
good game i won the game in hard
Jun 19 2009 6:40PM
it rox soooooooo much i could marry it
May 26 2009 10:29PM
May 10 2009 3:42PM
nees wreek
May 8 2009 2:43PM
i love this game 10/10
Apr 17 2009 6:19PM
i whant to **** a girl 12 or older
Mar 8 2009 5:19PM
tis game is realy cool i unlocked everything 10/10
Feb 21 2009 6:05PM
Jan 4 2009 11:34AM
its a fun game
Dec 31 2008 2:01PM
second comment!!!!!!!!! nice game
Dec 31 2008 11:41AM
first comment in yo face 5/5
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