Axe Gang Rampage

by Sony Pictures
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Jun 25 2010 10:46PM

OMG i got a cheap kill i died a few times killing the people with an axe to get used to the controls then it said go i went up a train hit me GAME OVER
Oct 3 2009 12:18PM

thise game is from kung fu hustle
Mar 28 2009 12:13PM

i like this game
Mar 8 2009 10:22AM

Dude this game freakin stupid. Its retarted. whatever
Jan 11 2009 7:07AM
dr xbox

what the hell this games sucks balls
Dec 23 2008 9:17PM

15755 .....its ok i guess.....2/5
Nov 12 2008 12:11AM

Can anyone say Boring?
Jun 21 2008 11:57AM

Well, let's see, you get to hit people with a ****in axe but ya don't get to hit them in the ass and there is no blood. so i give it a 2/5
Mar 11 2008 12:10AM

Isn't this game based on Kung-Fu Hustle?
Mar 10 2008 4:18PM

This Game sucks
Mar 10 2008 11:00AM


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