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Aug 7 2018 5:04PM
Rabbit stew never looked so good.
Dec 29 2017 1:29PM
I had 40 seconds left. I'm awesome like that lol
Nov 27 2015 7:58PM
This will always be one of my favorite games!
Jun 14 2014 9:17PM
awe he died
Apr 29 2014 1:30PM
Apr 21 2014 3:20PM
i had 26 seconds left
Dec 2 2013 8:24PM
i had 2 seconds leftt
Dec 1 2013 8:21AM
this game seriously doesn't make any sense. you kill a bunny in order to save it again.
Jul 21 2013 6:38AM
Had 3 seconds left :/
Jul 6 2013 2:53PM
Jun 28 2013 6:18AM
30 seconds left
so i did it in 39 seconds yay
Jun 25 2013 9:52AM
So i kill the bunny just to save it later?
i love this game
Jun 14 2013 9:01AM
ilove this game a lot l. But I truer to play it on my kindil and it is so hard to play lol q
Jun 7 2013 9:23AM
i saved the bunny i only had 9 sec. left
May 25 2013 11:29AM
i saved it yeah!!
Mar 31 2013 9:22PM
sorry starlife that was my sister. i havent tryed your thing but i will now
Mar 31 2013 9:19PM
i wished the love of my life would kiss me
(starlife i tried your thing it didnt work)
Mar 25 2013 10:20AM
this game is so cool like right
Mar 9 2013 9:06AM
Jan 19 2013 8:01PM
YES! i saved da bunny oh yeah
Dec 28 2012 6:51PM
everything I touch dies... *sniffles*

you know how hard it is to resist not holding my neibors new baby?
Nov 21 2012 1:30PM
i love this game, and the bunny
<( )>
v v
Nov 3 2012 7:24PM
I can't even remember the first time I played this! I've always loved it!
Oct 20 2012 5:21PM
I love this game, it's one of my favorite "" games!
Aug 12 2012 8:13PM
Cute game! I saved the bunny!
Aug 9 2012 2:07PM
this game is easy but why are there so many comments
Jul 29 2012 7:17PM
fun games i was make the bunny survive
Jul 26 2012 6:49PM
I always Kill the bunny
Jul 25 2012 2:51PM
im so horny
Jul 8 2012 5:10PM
lets just say halaluya
Jul 8 2012 3:34PM
i had 2 second left!! lolz

also i hve no friends im new to this website :'(
Jul 3 2012 5:29PM
i saved him 2 yayaya
Jun 27 2012 2:35PM
I saved him!!!!! YAY!!! O
Jun 15 2012 6:33PM
cooooool yah im so happy i killed him
May 27 2012 6:57PM
i saved him wooohooo yaaay! :3
May 11 2012 4:50PM
Boring but I saved Fred the Bunny :3 YAAAAAY
May 7 2012 8:47PM
Don't believe Grumpy Monkey, tried it..

Apr 28 2012 9:26PM
wow 25 secs. that's probably the fastest i've done
Apr 22 2012 3:44PM
Yeahh Buddy !!! (: I Saved A Bunny !! Bee Jelly Haterss
Apr 8 2012 11:43AM
easy, boring
Apr 1 2012 6:53PM
soooooooo eaaassssy
Mar 23 2012 6:46AM
Mar 22 2012 8:22PM
Dont try this it actually works
1.hold your breath
Mar 17 2012 1:52AM
so easy they should just give u 40 seconds
Mar 14 2012 5:29PM
I saved him the first time but the second time...lets just say he was in a better place xD
Mar 11 2012 4:48PM
Super duper with extra gravy on the side EASY! I can beat this 100 times if I had to.
Jan 24 2012 2:50PM
sooooo easy should have made it harder if u argee become my friend
Jan 17 2012 8:20PM
Why does the bunny look at a hippy when it lives?
Jan 17 2012 8:16PM
but fun haha
Jan 17 2012 8:15PM
Jan 14 2012 3:48PM
This Game is so easy. Its fun for the 1st time, but after that, it gets really boring real FAST and QUICK!
Jan 13 2012 3:58PM
i luv this game
Jan 7 2012 5:59PM
How to make a Bunny:

(\ /)
( )
Jan 7 2012 5:56PM
How to make a bunny:
Dec 13 2011 10:57PM
this game is too easy if you guys want to find out cheats for computer games and PS3 games angry PS3 computer game nerd will come soon in the summer of 2012
Dec 1 2011 5:35PM
29 seconds
Nov 24 2011 3:47PM
this games SOOOOOOOOOO easy i could beat like 80 times in like 5 minutes
Nov 22 2011 6:19PM
I remember when I was little like 9, I couldn't do it for my life. I just tried it 3 yrs later. SOO EASY
Oct 21 2011 8:28PM
fun i win every time boys arent god at dis game girls rock!!!!
Oct 14 2011 6:31PM
39 seconds
Oct 11 2011 3:06PM
2 bad hes dead lol but sad
Oct 10 2011 8:31PM
Sep 18 2011 4:25PM
this is hard
Aug 26 2011 2:25PM
sweet but it hard
Aug 24 2011 12:47PM
I love this game I think its so cute.
Aug 23 2011 6:00PM
I love this game
Aug 19 2011 6:34PM
i luv dis game
Aug 18 2011 1:38PM
i knw
Aug 18 2011 12:57PM
This game awesome .
Aug 18 2011 8:08AM
i luv this game
Aug 14 2011 3:44PM
Awsome game.Its so old.I beat it in 38 seconds
Aug 12 2011 5:56PM
its a stuffed animal god who gives a crap if it dies X X
Aug 11 2011 9:22PM
best game eva
Aug 11 2011 6:49PM
ha beat it
Aug 11 2011 5:15PM
Aug 11 2011 2:51PM
fun game but alittle hard still havent beat it
Jul 31 2011 11:58PM
i beat it like 2 times already
Jul 30 2011 9:14AM
awesome game i beat it with 1 second to go
Jul 29 2011 11:10PM
Haha, i Deffinatly Love This Game(: Hmu?
Jul 26 2011 6:39PM
Addd meeh nd' i"ll luvv yaah for forever and a day<33
Jul 26 2011 6:38PM
i hadd 36 secondss left [:
ohh yeaah i'm eef'inn bomb at this qame
yeah boiiii
Jul 25 2011 1:11AM
this game is a classic
Jul 23 2011 9:19PM
i had 5 sec left
Jul 21 2011 11:29PM
i love killing it
Jul 21 2011 10:04PM
had 30 sec left
Jul 21 2011 1:06AM
had 20 seconds left
Jul 19 2011 2:52PM
what screen ?
Jul 18 2011 4:27PM
i ended up beating it with 15 seconds to spare....
Jul 18 2011 4:00PM
i had 28 seconds left
Jul 17 2011 1:45PM
Jul 15 2011 4:50PM
its kinda unfair though, i tried to see if i could kill him by the wires and holding them on for ages, but it dont work, darn, message me
Jul 14 2011 9:08AM
i got it at 36 seconds
Jul 13 2011 8:48PM
Best game ever!!!!!!!!
Jul 12 2011 7:54PM
gooooood game!!!!!!!
Jul 10 2011 9:22AM
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Jul 8 2011 7:50PM
Jul 8 2011 12:29PM
i killed him, oh well, i knew it was coming, i will never beat my record
Jul 8 2011 12:27PM
40 seconds left, awesomee, the bunny is cute, go ahead and message me if u want
Jul 6 2011 1:57AM
i had 30 second left yay me 5/5 game please make more
Jul 1 2011 1:22PM
it was kind of hard for me
Jun 29 2011 6:55PM
15 sec 45 suck my ****
Jun 26 2011 3:01PM
so fun and cute bunny!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 25 2011 12:38PM
Jun 25 2011 12:38PM
i didnt no hus name waz fred but the best game ever
Jun 19 2011 7:52PM
fred died too many times
srry fred !!!!!!!!!!
Jun 13 2011 8:19PM
this was sooo much fun
Jun 13 2011 9:01AM
fun but the music is freaky very sad wen phred dies
Jun 7 2011 10:36AM
fun game but to easy i give it a 6 out of 10 sorry
May 25 2011 3:23PM
waaaaaaaaaaaaaa p..p..poor freaaaaaaad......
May 25 2011 2:50PM
hey my mom is running a shop on a website. You guys should really see it at It will blow your mind what my mom does!!!!! XD
May 16 2011 12:07AM
save the bunny is like operaition but without civity sam
Apr 26 2011 6:34PM


**** YOU! XD, ♫long live blink-182♫
Apr 13 2011 5:46PM
bahahaha...i killed fred...i shocked him 4 da whole game basically!!!1 ha had it commin 4 chokin on the cursor in da first place!!!!!
Apr 1 2011 7:27PM
it is fun and asweme
Mar 30 2011 12:28PM
Mar 26 2011 6:15PM
woow this game isss awesome
Mar 24 2011 9:02PM
Mar 13 2011 6:55PM
i love this bunny hes soooo cute
Mar 10 2011 9:39PM
ya I am a good surgeon lol
Mar 9 2011 10:15PM
this a cool game.
Mar 9 2011 8:58PM
i love this game!!!!
Mar 2 2011 9:49AM
woohoo i saved him. but that was wwwaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy 2 easy!
Feb 26 2011 3:33PM
save the freakin bunny!!! give me the ***in scapel!!!!
Feb 25 2011 7:16PM
its much eaiser if u dont shsave it belly all the way cuz it saves u time
Feb 24 2011 5:28PM
Feb 20 2011 4:19PM
Feb 20 2011 4:14PM
this game is so fun and easy
Feb 19 2011 9:58AM
i put the pill in his stomach in the last two seconds lol
Feb 5 2011 12:02AM
I <3 this game!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 4 2011 7:17PM
hard for slow ppl and easy for smarts
Jan 28 2011 1:09PM
i am a beast at this game
Jan 20 2011 11:48PM
Jan 20 2011 11:46PM
Jan 13 2011 8:06PM
Jan 10 2011 9:18AM
soo easy but fun and cool and addictive! 4/5
Jan 9 2011 8:29PM
idk how but it freaks me out
Jan 9 2011 5:39AM
bob123 is a sicko
Jan 9 2011 5:37AM
Awesome my last comment was the 1005th comment!!! WooHoo!!!
Jan 9 2011 5:35AM
I got this game done with 32 seconds left!!! Its soooooooo easy!!!!!
Jan 2 2011 5:39PM
This is amatuer surgeon in bunny form .
Dec 30 2010 2:49PM
Yay i saved the bunny!! that was pretty boring and easy though. and, it was very weird.
Dec 24 2010 7:41PM
i got it done with 38s left
Dec 24 2010 10:07AM
weird...... :[
Dec 21 2010 7:07PM
coolkid you are comment 999 sorry
Dec 17 2010 10:36PM
awsome 1000th comment!!!!!!!!!
Dec 17 2010 10:36PM
beat it with one second left
Dec 11 2010 4:29PM
it took me 20 or 10 seconds too win
Dec 2 2010 8:51PM
I love this game, it take me like a minute or 20 second
Nov 30 2010 3:43PM
i like this game... but i takes like 2 secounds
Nov 27 2010 7:42PM
so easy
Nov 26 2010 7:05PM
50 seconds to spare!!!!!
Nov 24 2010 6:52AM
44 seconds to spare
Nov 21 2010 4:37PM
soooooooooo EASY
Nov 21 2010 12:18PM
Nov 17 2010 11:03PM
I love this game! It's pretty cool & fun!
Nov 10 2010 1:39PM
this is so cool!
Nov 7 2010 1:12PM
this game is so easy
Oct 31 2010 5:15AM
save the bunny is so cool better than any other game and it is easy peasy lemon sceezy
Oct 30 2010 5:14PM
this game rocks
Oct 28 2010 7:55PM
this game rules i play it like every day *cough* week
Oct 21 2010 1:36PM
u save the bunny and it dies wtf
Oct 20 2010 7:58PM
Oct 18 2010 4:52PM
40 seconds left
Oct 16 2010 11:30AM
new record, 31 seconds
Oct 16 2010 11:29AM
23 seconds
Oct 10 2010 4:29PM
HOLLA! ku game it sad when he dies...and fred is not a bunnies name
Oct 7 2010 10:07PM
luv this game like i luv family & east side
Oct 7 2010 9:48PM
cool game
Oct 7 2010 6:12PM
ku game so holla at me
Oct 4 2010 6:05PM
girls can i get ur numbers
Oct 4 2010 5:59PM
30 seconds left
Sep 28 2010 8:46PM
20 sec add me plz ppl
Sep 23 2010 11:16AM
that was halarouis i kilt him first time by accident then second time tried i won !!!!!
Sep 17 2010 5:40PM
kind of cool 15 seconds
Sep 11 2010 1:45PM
this game sucks ballsss
Sep 5 2010 1:45PM
post ur comment
Sep 4 2010 12:23PM
bob123 is a really gross guy
Sep 2 2010 9:22PM
if you want a free club penguin account send me a message
Sep 2 2010 6:54PM
i saved him a 27 seconds left mee pro : D
Aug 30 2010 12:08PM
i love the part where you shave his belly
Aug 29 2010 9:15PM
I love this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 29 2010 8:30PM
this game freakin sucks it's so freakin boring i will rather watch the news
Aug 29 2010 6:13PM
i beat it with one second to spare
Aug 29 2010 2:44PM
i passed it
Aug 21 2010 6:41PM
but why did the butthole swallow my hand
Aug 21 2010 6:30PM
I can save him and on my frist time
Aug 16 2010 9:27AM
awsome game
Aug 16 2010 9:27AM
second time i saved him
Aug 16 2010 9:26AM
its so funny first time i killed him : (
Aug 15 2010 10:21AM
ok this is soooooooooooo freakin funny its soo funny when you shoke him. can someone please tell me what happened on the game can your pet i read all the comments so i am not going to play it but can someone tell me.
Aug 10 2010 11:11AM
Aug 6 2010 11:25AM
whew, though i lost him
Aug 5 2010 6:00PM
Lol My Little Brother Saw This And He Said Do Bunnies Really Have Organs?
Aug 4 2010 1:57AM
952 comment fun game it is very easy tho
Aug 3 2010 10:10AM
I saved him!!!
Jul 28 2010 4:47PM
Jul 28 2010 4:29PM
hahaha i saved him in 20 sec
Jul 27 2010 3:42PM
i let him die cuz hes name was fread
Jul 26 2010 6:20PM
add me or ill stab u in the f***in head b****
Jul 24 2010 2:30PM
The pill looks stupid.
Jul 22 2010 12:08PM
I beat it in in like 30 seconds!! Imma life saver!
Jul 19 2010 5:06PM
Jul 19 2010 5:05PM
duh stupid
Jul 19 2010 3:19PM
my couzinz luv thiz game i hate it i kill the bunny f**ck u bunny so die !!!!
Jul 18 2010 4:28PM
awsome game i luv it!!! i saved the bunny with 37 secs left!
Jul 18 2010 3:10AM
When I was back in school, and we got free time on our computers we always played this game. It's still a favorite of mine.
Jul 17 2010 3:23PM
i like this game and this is kool i always kill the bunny cuz wen it dies it explodes and then goes to heaven or somethin
Jul 16 2010 3:31PM
i saved him wit 9 secs left
Jul 16 2010 11:13AM
BORING! won like, 1 billion gazillion times gotta let him die sometime
Jul 14 2010 11:00AM
This game is so easy I was so happy the first time i saved him but now i want him to die
Jul 13 2010 3:17AM
Jul 11 2010 7:55PM
i have killed this bunny like 20 times. i feel kinda bad haha. hope he did go to heaven but ive saved him like 4 times so its awesome haha... pretty weird/kool game*
Jul 11 2010 11:46AM
38 seconds
Jul 10 2010 12:05AM
does he go 2 heaven
Jul 9 2010 3:48PM
30 seconds left!! this game is fun!! add mee
Jul 9 2010 3:41PM
33 seconds left beat that suckas
Jul 7 2010 11:10AM
i swear to my life that i had 30 seconds left add me please......!!!!!!!!
Jul 6 2010 2:08AM
this game is stupid
Jul 3 2010 3:11AM
Had 1 Second Left!
Jul 2 2010 9:20PM
that is a short game
Jul 1 2010 8:20PM
All bunnies go to heaven
Jun 30 2010 7:39PM
30 Seconds Left!
Jun 18 2010 11:58PM
I can't never put aside his intestines!
Jun 15 2010 7:46PM
I just kill him usually.
Jun 10 2010 11:15AM
the cheat to when yuo hold the wires until you have 2 sec. dosent work because at the end it wont let you put the pill in.
Jun 8 2010 9:15PM
they should have different things to help the bunny.. it is "ok"
Jun 7 2010 11:21AM
HAHAHAHA Love this game!
Jun 6 2010 12:10PM
actually you don't have first comment cause u didn't comment. oh and comment calling disabled, you can no longer call comments for this video
Jun 4 2010 4:18PM
first comment
Jun 4 2010 4:18PM
dont do the cheat that you hold the shock wires untill you have to sec.left because when you have to put the pill in it dont work
Jun 4 2010 9:46AM
u know wuts really weird ? most people call first comment for games like dis... but no1 called it dis time!!!

May 31 2010 7:21PM
30 seconds and its a good game
May 28 2010 11:19AM
7 seconds till ded phew
May 23 2010 10:03PM
May 23 2010 10:03PM
this is kewl
May 22 2010 5:48PM
May 22 2010 12:42PM
May 21 2010 8:15PM
swoosh yea...i saved bunnayyyyyyy
May 12 2010 10:47PM
i get last
May 9 2010 9:14PM
haha last comment
May 9 2010 9:14PM
i will hav cyber sex w/ u bob 123
May 9 2010 9:13PM
bob123 im sorry 4 wat i sed u r actually quite sexy
May 6 2010 7:53PM
its easy
May 3 2010 3:53PM
i beat the game when there was 43 sec left
May 2 2010 10:27AM
its so adorable i beat the mgame when there was 28 sec. left no joke!
there you go lidsa! =p =D
Apr 30 2010 10:57AM
I beat the game when there was 50 seconds to go i wanna hear someone beat the record
Apr 29 2010 9:43PM
Apr 29 2010 4:28PM
i saved the ****ing bunny
Apr 25 2010 8:57PM
hate it
Apr 25 2010 7:18PM
I killed tat b!tch!>
Apr 25 2010 5:08PM
Its easy . But its sad and sick . love it. If anyone likes this game add me.
Apr 25 2010 2:26AM
saved da b**** with 14 seconds to spare xD
Apr 24 2010 7:40PM
this game is suppa duppa funny i <3 it
Apr 22 2010 11:40AM
30 secs. left!!
Btw..check out!
Apr 13 2010 9:51PM
poor thing.
Apr 6 2010 5:55PM
Don't save him...

Apr 3 2010 7:22PM
15 sec WHAT NOW!
Apr 3 2010 11:17AM
i made him bleed to death.......woohoo.
Mar 28 2010 12:38PM
i am so good at this i was done in15 mins
Mar 27 2010 6:47PM
ADD ME AS A FRAND ON MYSPACE PPL mi email is ricanblack3@gmail,com so yeah add me on mysoace nd mostfungames
Mar 27 2010 6:42PM
this game is too easy to beat. i beat it about 50 times...
Mar 24 2010 12:47PM
hahaha 43 BEAT IT (no lie)
Mar 18 2010 4:01PM
36 seconds pretty good game
Mar 16 2010 8:08PM
34 seconds
Mar 16 2010 2:16PM
I love this game so flipping much it's fun to do when I'm bored.
Mar 15 2010 3:14PM
33 seconds left beat that
Mar 15 2010 11:24AM
i love this game
Mar 6 2010 6:41PM
26 seconds left!!!!! A NEW RECORD!!!!!!!!!
Mar 4 2010 10:00PM
LOL this is a funny game and its fun
Mar 4 2010 7:01PM
cick the cat and look at my blog plz
Mar 3 2010 7:04PM
i just love when the bunny dies and when i have to take the arrow of its
Mar 3 2010 4:33PM
Feb 28 2010 3:31PM
i would have more fun killing myself
Feb 28 2010 10:58AM
im awsome at this game
Feb 27 2010 6:08AM
Feb 25 2010 3:54PM
NO FRED!! DON'T DIE!!!!!! =( I killed him.
Feb 24 2010 9:46PM
these games r crap
Feb 22 2010 8:03PM
i waz so freakd out at 1st!!! lol
Feb 20 2010 3:52PM
i like the music at the ending
Feb 19 2010 8:56PM
Whoa...strong words Mrs.EVERyTHiNG.
Feb 19 2010 7:21PM
okay first of all bob 123 u need MAJOR help and the rest of u are weird and creepy and this game is awesome and i honestly think that commenting on a game is to actually say if its good or bad not ask for sex or say weird things and having the first comment and saying u do is extremely stupid.....
Feb 18 2010 4:56PM
There just seems to be too much sex comments on this one...
Feb 15 2010 5:02PM
dis game sux
bob123 ur a sick person
poc7 so r u
Feb 15 2010 3:51PM
this game is some-what hard, but really fun
Feb 14 2010 9:05PM
Feb 14 2010 2:21PM
Feb 13 2010 11:37PM
(\ __ /)
( ='.'= )
(") _ (") this is him.... i won the game
Feb 13 2010 2:22AM
Feb 12 2010 3:38PM
Some people may think this game is impossible but its actually easy! lol
Feb 12 2010 9:19AM
LOL i cut his belly moved his intestines put his hand on a tray threw 20 poison pink stuff an d he lives!(with his fur,hands and belly also intestines.
Feb 11 2010 3:29PM
who ever play this game dont kill the bunny plzzzzzzz
Feb 7 2010 8:11PM
t' fun
Feb 7 2010 1:46PM
ohhhh i think hes dead i shoved an arrow in his mouth and i like to cut his belly up
Feb 6 2010 8:09AM
He DEAD fooooooooo dxdx
Feb 4 2010 6:24PM
hhhhhhhaaaaaaa i killed you
Feb 4 2010 6:12PM
i like to cut da heart open and kill it
Feb 3 2010 9:54PM
to easy
Feb 3 2010 2:06PM
43 SECS LEFT!!!!!!!
Feb 2 2010 10:40PM
Feb 2 2010 12:42PM
no 1 want 2 sav u hahahahahahahahah!
Jan 31 2010 3:04PM
haha stupid bunny
Jan 30 2010 10:38AM
40 seconds left!!
Jan 23 2010 12:14AM
dey shoudve made it longer
Jan 22 2010 9:43PM
fun game but so short!!
Jan 22 2010 9:20PM
Jan 22 2010 12:50PM
47 secs lef
Jan 20 2010 9:05PM
omygawd!!! i killed fred!!! rofl
<3 kenz
Jan 18 2010 10:48AM
Dude wtf? this makes me wanna do weed
Jan 14 2010 8:17PM
you suck
Jan 14 2010 4:48AM
wooohooo i am the bast 37 sec laft
Jan 12 2010 8:20PM
this is such a stupid game.
Jan 11 2010 6:06PM
this is boring and fun at the same time
Jan 10 2010 3:45PM
Jan 10 2010 1:00PM
I saved u fred!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good game
Jan 9 2010 9:50PM
this game is impossible
Jan 9 2010 3:58PM
42 secs lef
Jan 7 2010 7:30PM
this game is easy but its pretty cool
Jan 7 2010 7:03PM
This is sooo easy to beat but the bad thing is my mom cant beat it and shes a nurse!
Jan 7 2010 6:39PM
Jan 7 2010 6:39PM
33 seconds left.BOO YAH!!!!!!
Jan 7 2010 4:01PM
Jan 6 2010 1:05AM
wat fireheart67 said send me any question you want
Jan 2 2010 1:20AM
this game is so easy but it is tight
Jan 1 2010 9:31AM
sorry i killed u bunny i dont pay attention to the body so its confusing
Dec 31 2009 8:49PM
I didn't need to save him 'cause I never clicked him and got the curer stuck in him. XD
Dec 31 2009 2:02PM
Ajhahaha but hes a loser. x)
How do you get a cursor stuck in ur organs?
Stupid game yet very interesting. xD
Dec 30 2009 10:00PM
im so sorry lil bunny i killed u
Dec 30 2009 5:06PM
FRED I SAVED YOUR LIFE!!!! Live a long happy life but you owe me big time!!!
Dec 30 2009 5:23AM
I Saved Your Life Fred!!!!
OMG I Was Nervous
Dec 29 2009 3:01PM
I saved you Fred!!!!!!!!!
Dec 29 2009 2:56PM
I saved the bunny.
Dec 28 2009 9:32PM
Dec 28 2009 8:43PM
Dec 28 2009 1:09PM
31 seconds left
Dec 28 2009 4:39AM
this is easy and plz pst me if you want to be my freind
Dec 27 2009 6:29PM
i finnally saved him
Dec 27 2009 6:25PM
i can never save him i hate this game
Dec 26 2009 10:37AM
I saved your life forr 4 years and i am 15 know but i put myself 18 beacuse i typed too fast lol
Dec 25 2009 1:12PM

I saved your life!
Dec 23 2009 11:14PM
Dec 23 2009 9:36PM
this game is hilarious. No matter wat i always save fred also add me im a good friend to trust
Dec 22 2009 7:42PM
i saved fred
Dec 21 2009 10:58PM
I almost cried when he died but today I saved him
Dec 21 2009 10:11AM
i saved him so meny times
Dec 20 2009 5:11PM
good game
Dec 20 2009 12:49PM
i love this game. thank goodness this isnt a real bunny
Dec 19 2009 4:13PM
ssssssso gay
Dec 18 2009 9:19AM
this game is so easy i beat at the last second
Dec 16 2009 6:40PM
kinda gay i beat it in 19 seconds
Dec 16 2009 12:09AM
i killed him lmao he died lmao im a terible person i let a bunny die oh well tho
Dec 15 2009 9:23PM
this game is so stupid
Dec 15 2009 1:33PM
Dec 15 2009 5:29AM
had 44 second left ima gunn
Dec 13 2009 8:24PM
what the heck your so stupid
Dec 9 2009 5:42PM
YAY i saved him
Dec 8 2009 9:47PM
i had 40 seconds left
Dec 6 2009 2:44PM
OMGEEZ!!! 40 secondz left!!!!!!
Dec 5 2009 1:58PM
i had twenty twenty two seconds left message me
Dec 5 2009 9:26AM
Dec 5 2009 9:26AM
Dec 5 2009 9:26AM
Dec 5 2009 9:25AM
now 35 yay!!!
Dec 5 2009 9:24AM
i had 32 seconds left
Dec 4 2009 8:22PM
cool game
Dec 3 2009 4:21PM
Worst and stupedest game EVER ****
Dec 2 2009 9:29PM
so easy beat it 10 times
Dec 1 2009 8:26PM
Nov 30 2009 4:26PM
lol bob123
Nov 30 2009 11:27AM
wat the fuk bob456

-im a girl
-i do hav a boyf
-ur a tw@t

i hope u rot in hell
Nov 29 2009 7:58PM
this is duh most best game ever
Nov 29 2009 5:07PM
here's a joke that i learned. there was a little boy, and his dad was in the kitchen carving a turkey, the dad cut himself and said ****!! the boy asked daddy, what does **** mean? the dad said, it meens carving. then the boy went upstairs by his mom and she screwed up her makeup and she said oh ****! the boy asked, mommy, what does **** meen? the mom said, it meens makeup. then the boy overheard hi mom and dad having sex. the mom said, oh oh put ur **** in my vagina!! the boy asked, what does **** and vagina meen? they said it meens hats and coats. then he heard them say b****es and bastards and he asked, what does b****es and bastards meen? they said, it meens guests. the guests come 2 the door and the boy answers it and says, hello b****es and bastards, may i take ur ****s and vaginas.? my dad's in the kitchen ****ing the turkey and my mom's upstairs putting **** on her face. HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! add meh if u think dis is funny.
Nov 29 2009 4:52PM
bob 123 isn't a girl!! he's a man!!! and he wants 2 have cyber sex with all the guys out there. so if ur gay, pm her!!!
Nov 29 2009 4:50PM
P.S. you're not even close 2 being sexy. i bet u were lying about having sex hell, u probably lying about even having a boyfriend. ur just a stupid hoe and ****. b****
Nov 29 2009 4:48PM
bob 123 u r soooo ****ing horny. why wood u post a sex storie as a comment!? ****ing ****. i hope u die. and i don't wanna have cyber sex with u after reading that! bye-bye hoe bag!
Nov 29 2009 4:42PM
hey bob 123, i wanna have cyber sex with u sexy
Nov 29 2009 10:01AM
pm me if u wanna hav cyber sex
Nov 28 2009 5:14PM
i saved it
Nov 28 2009 2:11PM
i love this game only if itshowed its wewe
Nov 28 2009 8:13AM
this game is so darn easy. matter of fact this game is soooo much fun and easy that it is on my favorite games for my profile.
Nov 26 2009 8:25PM
awesome game
easy as crap
Nov 25 2009 7:01PM
Dis is the funest and most stupid game i've ever played!!!(in a good way)
Nov 25 2009 11:33AM
One time I played this and the time ran out but the bunny was still alive even though his heart stopped.
Nov 24 2009 1:18PM
Fun and Mad Easy Send me message or check out my proflie if u like me
Nov 23 2009 8:24PM
This game is fun and easy
Nov 23 2009 6:04PM
wow i won YAY
Nov 22 2009 2:08PM
you peaple are all wrong imaen you say bad things.
Nov 21 2009 3:12PM
i am 13
Nov 21 2009 3:11PM
i wish i had sex with JACK**** he sounds cute anyway i am not 84 my mom made a mistake
Nov 21 2009 3:08PM
123bob what the heak am you doing i wouldnt like a boyfriend that as a big tits anyway i wud not have sex with him
Nov 20 2009 8:56PM
you only have to shock him for like 5 seconds then you make the insizion ans take the hand out of his body and put a pill in there then your done simple
Nov 20 2009 4:10PM
give him BIG it for 12 seconds do it right and win, or you can shock him for the whole thing and watch fred DIE! MWHAA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!
Nov 19 2009 10:07PM
wtf........your crazy woman
Nov 17 2009 1:51PM
i gave that bunny a blow job and if u want 1 2 just tell me
Nov 14 2009 2:39PM
[frekin as]
Nov 14 2009 2:36PM
bob123 why would you suck a *****'* penis?
Nov 10 2009 7:48AM
this game is awsome
Nov 8 2009 11:52PM
this game is like really short but funny moving around the orgins i thought that was really kool
Nov 8 2009 2:41PM
to easy
Nov 7 2009 11:32PM
woo hoo..!!!! 750 coment
Nov 7 2009 9:27PM
so f***ing easy
Nov 7 2009 5:04PM
funny.... funny.. =}
Nov 4 2009 3:23AM
BoB 123 thats discomforting

I did it in 19 seconds!
Beet that
Nov 3 2009 4:40PM
Bob 123, You are a F***ing W-H-O-R-E!!! If I had a girlfriend(which I don't ) I would have some boundaries! But you actually giving in and having sex like a skank, and even sucking that guy's penis, proves to the whole world that you will do anyone. So there. (Guys she is not someone you want to sleep with and think she will always stick by you forever.)
Nov 2 2009 8:28PM
i saved him in 14 seconds beat that!
Nov 2 2009 2:51PM
Oh yeah I got done with saving the bunnies life in 15 seconds someone try to beat that!!!!!!!
Nov 2 2009 11:12AM
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Nov 1 2009 9:42PM
awsome game i would play it again because it is really easy!!!!!!!
Nov 1 2009 3:05PM
k its stupid that people some dont comment on this game ...thay
just go ....."add me" or they say things that nobody cares about ....but

this game is funnn !!!!!
Nov 1 2009 3:00PM
this ....AWESOME

Nov 1 2009 9:43AM
Nov 1 2009 3:57AM
Nov 1 2009 2:01AM
when shocking him you could just hold it down for a copule of seconds. it saves time.
Oct 31 2009 12:16PM
pretty fun 4/5

gets boring after awhile
Oct 30 2009 12:30PM
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Oct 29 2009 6:51PM
this game is awsome i love bunnys
Oct 27 2009 9:44PM
i love sex
Oct 27 2009 10:43AM
okay this game is sooo sucky i beat this game how many times??BORING neways im outt Laterr
Oct 26 2009 3:44PM
this game is dumb i need to talk to somebody so come and talk
Oct 24 2009 5:05PM
i hate this game it is lame
Oct 20 2009 11:56PM
i killed the bunny =[
Oct 18 2009 3:44PM
39 sec woo hoo!!!!!!!
Oct 14 2009 7:44PM
yay!! i did it
Oct 14 2009 7:21PM
This is the weirdest game ive ever played
Oct 11 2009 10:10PM
i like killing the bunny
Oct 9 2009 9:55PM
i killed fred

Oct 9 2009 1:19PM
this is the lamest game ever
Oct 6 2009 8:41PM
its iight, ain't killer
Oct 5 2009 4:29PM
This game is cool!!
Oct 5 2009 10:01AM
Oct 4 2009 1:11PM
saved him 34 seconds awsome
Sep 22 2009 12:25AM
fred looks like beutiful colours pretty add me
Sep 20 2009 4:27PM
i saved him in 40 secs
Sep 14 2009 9:24PM
Gayy. Add me [:
Sep 13 2009 1:54PM
add me!! kewl qame.
Sep 13 2009 10:53AM
i let him die
Sep 12 2009 6:13PM
saved him 32 seconds
Sep 10 2009 7:38PM
my highest record is 48 sec. and YES ! i saved Fred in 2 seconds
Sep 8 2009 10:08AM
i didn't save fred all man
Sep 7 2009 8:01PM
i saved the bunny
Sep 6 2009 10:01PM
yha!!!40sec new record!!
Sep 6 2009 9:29PM
31 secs is my record
Sep 6 2009 6:55PM
o ya i saved fred
Sep 6 2009 3:35PM
mine was 16 seconds
Sep 6 2009 3:25PM
yha 30 sec left
Sep 6 2009 9:23AM
say hi to michael
Sep 6 2009 9:22AM
too hard
Sep 5 2009 10:53PM
i had 10 sec and i was done
Sep 5 2009 2:17PM
my time was 22
Sep 3 2009 8:54PM
oh yeah 23 seconds left
Sep 1 2009 10:43PM
all i have to say is that i saved fred thank u people hold the applause!
Aug 31 2009 12:40PM
64123mario u didnt finish with 49 secs left. u start with 58 secs so ur saying u saved the bunny in 9 secs?
Aug 30 2009 7:40PM
Aug 30 2009 1:12PM
700 comment
Aug 28 2009 11:49PM
i won again like always lol
Aug 28 2009 11:49PM
dammm i rawwwk at this game lol
Aug 28 2009 7:45PM
wow alot of pepele played this game
Aug 28 2009 7:42PM
Aug 26 2009 1:01PM
i wish it wasnt so fast but i won
Aug 26 2009 11:37AM
Aug 24 2009 4:11PM
Aug 24 2009 3:27PM
i saved the BUNNY AGAIN
Aug 23 2009 9:08PM
i saved the BUNNY
Aug 23 2009 1:07PM
finesd with 49 secends left
Aug 23 2009 12:48PM
its dumb i dont no where the pill goes gesh
Aug 22 2009 6:00PM
i saved the bunny with 31 sec. 2 spare!! YAYZ!!
Aug 22 2009 10:43AM
26 seconds to spare
Aug 22 2009 12:05AM
yay i saved it
Aug 21 2009 1:59PM
with 35 seconds to spare!!! lol
Aug 21 2009 10:55AM
da freakin bunny died on me!!!! my computor is freakin slow!!!!!!!!! dis gam doesnt work on dis dang computor!!!!!!!! ive alredy won like billion times on da othr computor
Aug 20 2009 9:29PM
yes 40 seconds to spare
Aug 20 2009 1:22PM
yay! 33 sec. 2 spare long live the bunny!!
Aug 20 2009 1:21PM
i wuv dis game but i like the music when u don't save'em better than when u save'em!!!
Aug 19 2009 11:02PM
27 secs to spare.(i could of drunk my drink lol.)
Aug 18 2009 3:02PM
this game is awsome!! ily
Aug 17 2009 1:38PM
with 33 seconds to spare
Aug 17 2009 2:18AM
it was hard at first but it iwas easy i give it a 9 \ 10 its awsome
Aug 16 2009 5:05AM
saved him with 10 seconds to spare
Aug 15 2009 2:29AM
i saved him with 3 secinds left Phew
Aug 14 2009 9:00AM
man alot of people played this game.
Aug 12 2009 8:07PM
this is boring. btw i did it with 28 seconds left
Aug 12 2009 5:19PM
Dang it fred . y did u have 2 die on me? I got up 2 get a soda and he died. freakin son of a... well at least he had a cool mom tatto. he deserves it 4 eating and choking on a hand. lol
Aug 12 2009 1:48PM
love it!!
Aug 11 2009 11:19PM
what....the ****?
Aug 11 2009 10:21PM
20 seconds left
Aug 11 2009 1:57PM
**** you guysss.
being mean to the ****ing bunny
Aug 11 2009 11:27AM
yayy! ii won ( :
i would cry if he died
LMFAO. even tho hes a bunnyyyyy.
Aug 11 2009 2:28AM
34 seconds left
Aug 10 2009 12:27AM
Aug 9 2009 8:12PM
all i did is watch it die like my bunny died she had bone canser i cried but not for this b**** also beat 53 secs
Aug 9 2009 10:00AM
why did i save the dum bunny again
Aug 9 2009 2:12AM
i love this game i make the buny die
Aug 7 2009 11:15PM
Aug 7 2009 1:56PM
try to beat 20sec i rock
Aug 6 2009 5:23PM
i think i killed the bunny

Aug 6 2009 12:29AM
i lost so bad
Aug 5 2009 9:26PM
lol my bad
Aug 5 2009 9:26PM
sorry lil sexy 254 beat 30 secondz
Aug 4 2009 2:12PM
Aug 2 2009 11:06PM
Aug 2 2009 10:55PM
Fred so owes me!
Good game very short but still entertaining, good game if you don't have long on your computer.
I liked this game I give it a 6.5/10
Aug 2 2009 10:34PM
i let it die
Aug 2 2009 8:07PM
dang it I killed fred! he owed me 30 bucks! lol
Aug 2 2009 4:18PM
oh yah 50 seconds left. that bunny totally owes me one.
Aug 2 2009 11:39AM
ohhhhhh ya 45sec. left!!!
Aug 2 2009 12:18AM
the game is nice
Aug 1 2009 2:46PM
I beat it with 34 secs to spare
Jul 31 2009 2:00PM
i ♥ the mom tattoo!!!!!!
and i love this game
his name is fred
Jul 30 2009 5:20PM
this game is cute and gross at the same time I love animals and I want to either be a vet or singer when I grow up but athough the game is kinda suckish!
Jul 30 2009 5:01PM
i saved him with 29 seconds to spare yay
Jul 30 2009 2:29AM
yeah i saved him with 30 seconds left..!
Jul 29 2009 2:46PM
ohhhh ya i got 51 sec.
Jul 29 2009 12:19AM
guys i can save the bunny ALL the time! the bunny is happy!
Jul 28 2009 6:36PM
I had 1 damn second before he died.. Whew......
Jul 28 2009 3:48PM
Boo hoo alost saved him
Jul 28 2009 3:47PM
creepy music if bunny dies
Jul 27 2009 1:20PM
Damn it fred dont die on me now
Jul 25 2009 1:52PM
40 secs. to spare
Jul 23 2009 4:33PM
41 seconds
Jul 23 2009 2:04PM
Jul 23 2009 1:51PM
OMG....... he is so cute!!!!
Jul 23 2009 10:48AM
Awww he so cute
Jul 22 2009 10:22PM
finished with 31 sec to spare !
Jul 21 2009 10:01PM
i beat it mr king i mean football loser
Jul 21 2009 8:47PM
39 secs left beat that
Jul 21 2009 3:23PM
WELL great...he died...NOT
Jul 21 2009 12:05PM
22 seconds 2 spare O YA
Jul 20 2009 10:10PM
I saved him on the last second.
Jul 20 2009 10:03PM
helle easy
Jul 20 2009 11:52AM

Jul 20 2009 11:01AM
I saved him on the last second.
Jul 18 2009 1:03PM
O YEA!!!
i did it with 15 seconds to spare.


Jul 18 2009 12:39PM
this game should have levels
Jul 18 2009 2:09AM
42 secs left
Jul 17 2009 4:00AM
LMAO! game is easy ass hell
Jul 16 2009 6:28PM
the rokkie is right
Jul 15 2009 4:17PM
YAY I SAVED FRED ( not like i havent b4 i play thiz game like everyday)
Jul 14 2009 10:15PM
randomgirl is cute!!!!
Jul 14 2009 10:13PM
the rookie is right would he or did he choke oh well trick question
Jul 14 2009 7:38PM
OMG fred is a cute name for a bunny ad i saved him so fast i love this game!!!!
Jul 13 2009 4:24PM
i saved him with 1 sec. left!
Jul 13 2009 2:59PM
way would the bunny eat a hand
Jul 13 2009 1:00PM
wow.... uhm hope dats not for me.... and i killed the bunny.... oops.... oh well he had nothin to live for anyway
Jul 12 2009 7:20PM
i killed the bunny........o well the bunny look stupid anyway
Jul 12 2009 6:40PM
omg 40secs left yay my new record!!!!!!
Jul 11 2009 7:04PM
34 seconds left
Jul 11 2009 3:47PM
18 sec omg i kill bunny
Jul 10 2009 9:19PM
yay 27 seconds left
Jul 10 2009 1:02AM
BUNNY NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 9 2009 10:47PM
Haha, sooo funny!
Jul 9 2009 1:16AM
i did it in 49 seconds
Jul 8 2009 5:43PM
what the **** i hate this game **** all of you that like it you mother****in *****s
Jul 8 2009 2:39PM
i had 1 sec left
Jul 7 2009 9:54PM
Jul 7 2009 7:32PM
man i luv this game
Jul 7 2009 3:01PM
YAY i saved him with 34 seconds to spare YAY XD
Jul 7 2009 1:46PM
dang it I saved him I wanted him to die
Jul 7 2009 1:40PM
Jul 6 2009 10:00PM
Jul 6 2009 10:06AM
fred is alive!!!!!!!
Jul 5 2009 3:39PM
Yah!!!!!!!! I saved Fred. lol
Jul 5 2009 2:28PM
Yay Me Saved Fred
Jul 4 2009 1:29PM
yea i beat the game the bunny was saved lol
Jul 4 2009 12:22PM
good and sad and fun at the same time
Jul 4 2009 12:22AM
Jul 3 2009 5:29PM
the bunny died man this game is funny and stupid at the same time
Jul 2 2009 10:41AM
i love this game
Jun 30 2009 1:39PM
this game is so easy
Jun 29 2009 8:11PM
Fun! ^_^
Jun 29 2009 8:53AM
This Game is the cooliest
Jun 28 2009 8:13PM
i won! 17 times! ^_^
Jun 28 2009 10:13AM
my second favorite game next to **** birds
Jun 28 2009 10:12AM
this is on my fav.s
Jun 28 2009 10:12AM
Jun 28 2009 10:12AM
hey i love this game
Jun 26 2009 5:25PM
game is fun but really eazy
Jun 26 2009 7:41AM
funny game 10/10
Jun 25 2009 3:43PM
42 seconds spare beat that
Jun 25 2009 12:29AM
this game is easy
Jun 24 2009 7:56PM
this game is stupid but fun
Jun 24 2009 4:23PM
the game ROCKS its the best.31 seconds to spare.
Jun 24 2009 2:34PM
Jun 24 2009 1:06PM
Jun 22 2009 9:58PM
This is one of those pointless yet most addicting and best games ever!!!!!
Jun 22 2009 9:57PM
hooray i saved fred
Jun 22 2009 4:07PM
good game i'll give it a 4/5
Jun 21 2009 1:39PM
38 sec left
Jun 21 2009 12:36PM
easy did the hand get in his belly?he ate it?
Jun 19 2009 8:33PM
i had 1 sec left
Jun 19 2009 9:35AM
this game is very funn i give it a 4/5
Jun 18 2009 10:50PM
I saved him 5 times Each time I had 15 seconds.
Jun 18 2009 4:28PM
I had 17 seconds left
Jun 17 2009 10:05PM
T_T i killed mr bunny... T_T
Jun 16 2009 4:58PM
At first i had 5 seconds left but now i keeps gettin into 30 sumthing
Jun 16 2009 4:43PM
41 seconds left
Jun 16 2009 3:09PM
38 seconds!!!!!!!
Jun 14 2009 4:13AM
It's easy but cool
Jun 13 2009 1:11PM
39 seconds
Jun 13 2009 1:02PM
34 seconds left
Jun 10 2009 10:24AM
Jun 10 2009 10:19AM
Jun 10 2009 10:17AM
Jun 10 2009 10:13AM
Jun 10 2009 10:12AM
Jun 10 2009 10:12AM
Jun 10 2009 12:28AM
7 seconds bro!!!!!!!!!!!! beat dat
Jun 9 2009 7:43PM
i beat it in 9 seconds
Jun 8 2009 2:35PM
poor fred, now hes ded butt i save dat bunny
Jun 7 2009 1:38PM
i beat da game under 1min
Jun 6 2009 10:40PM
32 sec. mutha fuker
Jun 6 2009 8:20PM
i killed the bunny awwwwwwww

then i save d it yay
Jun 5 2009 4:34PM
This is one of those pointless yet most addicting and best games ever!!!!!
Jun 3 2009 2:30PM
yay i won
Jun 3 2009 10:13AM
Save the bunny is amazin game its so funny 5/5 stars
May 27 2009 7:31PM
Awwww i liket the bunny funny as lol but bit Quik
May 26 2009 7:37PM
Cute bunny!!!....... thats i gotta say u have a prob with it go screw ur self
May 26 2009 2:32PM
its sorta GAY who kills a bunny
May 25 2009 1:40PM
ugly worst game ever
May 24 2009 11:55PM
The bunny is so cute at the end of the game.
May 24 2009 10:12PM
this game sucks @###!
May 24 2009 8:53PM
it's a good game
May 24 2009 3:47PM
woooo its alive
May 22 2009 5:53PM
destine'e is a copy cat
May 22 2009 1:32PM
die bummy die!! lol
May 21 2009 5:21PM
The bunnys name is Fred
May 19 2009 9:40PM
hala at me
May 19 2009 9:40PM
x x ________
u ok :b ________ : } its a bunny
May 19 2009 5:58PM
this game is ok. but it is fun to .so add me.
May 19 2009 2:44PM
it funny game add me as m8 =]
May 17 2009 10:39AM
i like that game
May 16 2009 9:38AM
What the hell was this bunny thinking....Damit Fred..Damit!!!
May 12 2009 1:27AM
i like it thats all. plz add me.
May 11 2009 8:31AM
ok i changed my mind i won this game with 30sec. to spare my sister had to help me but i got the hang of it haha shes 8 add me and leave comments kk love yall ♥♥☻☺
May 10 2009 3:27PM
this game is okay>
May 9 2009 12:58PM
so fun and so so easy
May 9 2009 9:16AM
so easy
May 7 2009 9:25AM
this is so cool!!! lol
May 4 2009 9:30PM
i won dis with 30 min 2 spare
add me
May 4 2009 6:05PM
i saved him
May 4 2009 5:48PM
This game is very good lol!
May 4 2009 12:29AM
516 comment lol
May 2 2009 1:29PM
i luv this game 1 sec to spare add me yall
Apr 29 2009 4:43PM
i saved him with one second to spare 514th comment lol
Apr 28 2009 4:30PM
35 seconds to spare
Apr 27 2009 5:01PM
plz add me if you prank call people!!!!!!
Apr 26 2009 8:25PM
I had 10 seconds left
Apr 26 2009 8:15PM
21 sec2 spare
Apr 25 2009 5:19PM
save him with10 second left
Apr 25 2009 12:22AM
It was hard but read the directions carefully and you will see how to pass the game
Apr 24 2009 7:39PM
sad and it is so fun and i hate it and im just kidding .
It is the bom
Apr 24 2009 7:38PM
that is a weird game but i love it ! ! ! ! ! <3
Apr 22 2009 11:19PM
this game is awesome and i sometimes save but it is sooooo easyyyyyy
Apr 21 2009 10:50AM
weird ending
Apr 19 2009 2:53PM
twas fun
Apr 19 2009 1:12PM
Apr 19 2009 1:12PM
in da inda
Apr 19 2009 1:12PM
Apr 19 2009 1:12PM
ooh cocaine bad!
Apr 19 2009 1:12PM
eat cxo
Apr 19 2009 1:12PM
in da bunnyz
Apr 19 2009 1:11PM
it makez jolly jim feel new and explorational
Apr 19 2009 1:11PM
duz it make u feel tingly in the groin area?
Apr 19 2009 12:59AM
i hate bunnies, sooo whats thee pooint?
Apr 18 2009 5:43PM
easyyyy i saved the bunny:}
Apr 17 2009 6:07PM
Soooo easssyyy!!!
Apr 16 2009 4:27PM
fun i saved him now how do you make faces
Apr 16 2009 1:13PM
oh my 489 or 488.... maybe more!
Apr 16 2009 12:05PM
Apr 15 2009 9:02PM
saved with 36 sec to spare
good luck 2 u bunny!!!
Apr 15 2009 9:52AM
my poor bunny keeps dieing
Apr 14 2009 4:16PM
Cool and easy 1st time bunny died 2nd time bunny lived
Apr 14 2009 12:10AM
bunny made it not the first 1 R.I.P bunny nu.1
Apr 13 2009 10:48PM
Apr 13 2009 5:21PM
cool game
Apr 12 2009 6:54PM
the first time i played he died
the second time he lived
Apr 12 2009 4:56PM
Apr 12 2009 2:54AM
I made the bunny High lmao
Apr 11 2009 8:48PM
i saved the bunny yay lol <33
Apr 10 2009 8:31PM
I saved him with 2 seconds to spare!
Apr 10 2009 12:02PM
heyy cool cris ur funny 11 different places? awesome!!!!!!!!
Apr 10 2009 12:02PM
this is the coolest game ever!!!!! all those who disagreee are fag's!!!!! ya i just totally burned everyone who hates this game!!!!!!!!!
Apr 9 2009 2:33PM
I beat it with 37 seconds to spare it's the truth.
Apr 8 2009 4:47PM
THis game makes me sad when i cant save the cute bunny! howd the the hand get in its stomach?
Apr 7 2009 8:59PM
Apr 7 2009 8:14PM
I KILLED the bunny!
Apr 7 2009 3:45AM
Apr 6 2009 8:16AM
why is ther 468 comments??????
Apr 2 2009 7:54PM
i luv this game a friend showed it to me 2day!
Apr 1 2009 10:02PM
when i killed himm i was like awww but when he lived i was yay!!
Apr 1 2009 6:16PM
i comited murrder sweet
Mar 31 2009 2:15PM
i killed the bunny
Mar 30 2009 7:42PM
this game is easy.and i like the tattoo he cute!!!
Mar 30 2009 2:07PM
how GAY
Mar 29 2009 4:16PM
lol how cute but yet the poor thing
Mar 28 2009 10:13PM
the mouse gets inside his belly when it says click on his stomach u automatically shove it in his throat & then he swallows it. click on my name i am lonely.
Mar 28 2009 11:31AM
they sould put some thing called save the emo i would lov it
Mar 26 2009 9:32PM
I always play this game when I'm on this site
Mar 26 2009 9:28PM
omg i love this game so does my bestf wind
Mar 25 2009 8:30PM
how did the hand get inside and I SAVED HIM Woot
best game ever 10/5
ha u cant even get that high thats how good it is lol
Mar 25 2009 10:55AM
i saved the bunny
Mar 23 2009 4:42PM
Mar 23 2009 1:56AM
i saved that bunny!
Mar 22 2009 8:42PM
aha, i cut the bunny up.
Mar 22 2009 4:35PM
I saved the bunny
Mar 22 2009 1:28PM
how did the bunny get a tatoo?, the game was fun but i dont understand how the hand got in the stomach!
Mar 21 2009 11:14PM
yo im bored hit meh up
Mar 21 2009 8:38PM
this game is fun!!!!!
Mar 21 2009 4:39PM
Mar 21 2009 10:02AM
Yahh i killed the bunny
Mar 20 2009 5:57PM
Mar 18 2009 10:12PM
i save the bunnies
Mar 18 2009 9:29PM
I saved teh bunneh
Mar 16 2009 7:00PM
Hehe I saved the bunny..!
Mar 15 2009 8:21PM
1st try i saved the bunny yay
Mar 15 2009 7:22PM
Aww I saved the bunneh..! ♥♥
Mar 15 2009 12:03PM
this game is super easy!
Mar 14 2009 9:06PM
i make it to 32
Mar 12 2009 10:44AM
Mar 11 2009 4:51PM
not very good
Mar 10 2009 2:35PM
Mar 9 2009 8:31PM
i beat it in like 30 seconds
Mar 8 2009 3:42PM
Mar 8 2009 3:37PM
i hate it and my friend thinks shes soooooo amazing at it >
Mar 6 2009 10:13PM
the bunny is so cute and the game is so easy but i still love the game and i enjoy playin it too
Mar 6 2009 2:55AM
Why is he blue when you start out and then turn yellow? Who cares Hes still cute. Its so Awosme! I Love This game! LOL. 4 Life!
Mar 5 2009 9:26PM
this is to esay!!!
Mar 5 2009 9:03AM
Mar 2 2009 6:24PM
30 seconds to spare
Mar 1 2009 8:10PM
i have always wanted to save a bunny
Feb 27 2009 4:04PM
accually i ♥THIS GAME
Feb 25 2009 9:13PM
he he he ehe he he he i saved the bunny
Feb 21 2009 9:05PM
hehe i saved the bunny! XD
Feb 21 2009 5:08PM
yay i saved the bunny!!!!! what i win what i win???? lol
Feb 21 2009 4:51PM
2 seconds left n' beat it
Feb 21 2009 10:36AM
This Is So Sad, And Cute
Feb 20 2009 7:57PM
HEY this game is retarded but fun at the same time wierd lol
Feb 20 2009 4:53AM
i can do it all over agen 100/100
Feb 18 2009 7:34PM
Feb 18 2009 7:34PM
its fun
Feb 18 2009 1:51PM
i think this game is so easy,but kool at the same time
Feb 17 2009 10:49AM
This is like TOTALLY easy!!!! lol
Feb 15 2009 5:08PM
never played it but once i did its hard
Feb 14 2009 9:28PM
i beat this game like 8000 times
Feb 10 2009 4:39PM
kill the the bunny and listen the song,
its very cool
Feb 7 2009 10:20PM
yay he safe!
Feb 7 2009 11:46AM
i saved the bunny !!!!! w/ like 30 seconds left
Feb 2 2009 6:19PM
i saved a bunny in 40 seconds to spare awesome right on the dot
Feb 2 2009 4:43PM
woot i saved tha bunny with 31 seconds to spare! bunnies r çool!
Feb 1 2009 4:11PM
this time i saved him in 18 seconds yay!
Feb 1 2009 1:47PM
I cured him with 22 seconds to spare.
Jan 31 2009 6:16PM
this game is sooo kool! i luv bunnies
Jan 31 2009 11:25AM
Fred is not with us anymore =[
Jan 29 2009 2:48PM
Jan 25 2009 10:42AM
hey big bro (not really we just call each other that we are best friends) luv ya
Jan 22 2009 7:20PM
its kk
Jan 20 2009 9:50PM
this game is sooooooo esey!
Jan 20 2009 8:04PM
Jan 20 2009 6:29PM
My computer was having technical Difficulties and he almost died. he had like 2 more seconds
Jan 20 2009 5:20PM
stupidest game ever but i beat it a 39 secs lol
Jan 20 2009 5:17PM
its gay
Jan 19 2009 10:13PM
Jan 18 2009 8:05PM
i ♥ bunnies!
Jan 18 2009 4:31PM
This is cool but sad I love bunnies huh yeah I love bunnies
Jan 18 2009 11:08AM
kewl b**** i scew u
Jan 17 2009 12:30PM
this game is so easy i ended at 30 <<<>>>>!!
Jan 16 2009 11:07AM
hey i have an idea 4 ya ridgey stfu good job yaaaaaaaayyy lolz ****in retard
Jan 15 2009 8:56PM
I like to move it move it, if u like to move it move it add me
Jan 13 2009 9:46PM
u wont kill me asshole lol ya i dare u to kill me call me on my cell 727-4229 homo lol serlock lmfao
Jan 13 2009 11:16AM
omg *bites all of u * im ontop no1 else comment or meee b mad i bite and im rlly mean soo stop it does this message not work?????? i will kill whoever is ontop of me *growls loudley* uhhhhhhhhh
Jan 12 2009 5:48PM
I beat it in 30 seconds. it's pretty fun.
Jan 9 2009 9:08PM
i beart the game in 5 secs
Jan 9 2009 6:49PM
Jan 8 2009 4:44PM
35 seconds
Jan 8 2009 4:05PM
bunnny got a beer belly
Jan 7 2009 11:03PM
34 sec. beat that
Jan 7 2009 2:57PM
omg *bites all of u * im ontop no1 else comment or meee b mad i bite and im rlly mean soo stop it
Jan 4 2009 7:04PM
i saved the bunny yay!!
Jan 3 2009 6:08PM
im only nine its ****n gay ass.
Jan 3 2009 6:07PM
6 seconds!
yea baby
Jan 3 2009 6:05PM
dude i beat it its do easy you just haft to shoot him then eletric then shave him and then draw a line and cut in halfand take the bolet out and put the medsin in. that fu**n gay.
Jan 3 2009 5:30PM
i will bite u too no1 else ontop of me
Jan 3 2009 5:16PM
i like this game i need more friends, i dont got enough
Jan 3 2009 2:35PM
omg i killed fred ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh wat do i do where do i hide him *looks around* i was never here
Jan 3 2009 12:42PM
i bite daeo3oo
Jan 3 2009 12:25PM
This games ok but its not all that fun
Jan 2 2009 4:51PM
ive gotta b at the top whoever comments after me ill bite u *growls*
Jan 1 2009 11:39AM
hes alive
Jan 1 2009 12:33AM
I love this ****un game
but its sad when he or she dies
Jan 1 2009 12:32AM
I love this fuchun game
but it is sad when they die .
Dec 31 2008 8:01PM
This game is so easy, I beat it 1,0000,0000 times!
Dec 31 2008 1:24PM
now ths is a game whare u save a bunny so cute!!!!!!!!
Dec 30 2008 6:17PM
Dec 30 2008 5:58PM
now this is a game when u save animal
Dec 30 2008 3:30PM
now this is what i call saving animal
Dec 30 2008 11:09AM
Dec 29 2008 10:52PM
yay bunny dead woops i meant not dead *looks around*
Dec 29 2008 9:52PM
i love it .Also my lil brother was crying.
Dec 27 2008 5:25PM
Aww, cute bunny! I am enlightened.
Dec 27 2008 2:58AM
47 seconds!!!
Dec 24 2008 4:51PM
this game is awesome. It's nasty how it shows all it's intestines.
Dec 23 2008 1:14PM
i luv this game!! the bunny is cute!!
Dec 23 2008 1:05PM
i made it with 1 second 2 spare
Dec 23 2008 11:43AM
this hunnie saved tha bunnie
Dec 23 2008 1:44AM
I made it in 42 min.
Dec 23 2008 1:43AM
I made it in 39 min.
Dec 22 2008 9:27PM
love it i finshed in 29 min so i love this game
Dec 22 2008 1:50PM
i made it with 47 seconds left.
Dec 20 2008 4:02PM
visi my site
Dec 20 2008 2:17AM
easy game i beat it and had 35 seconds left
Dec 19 2008 3:55PM
i made it so there was like 1 second left then i put the pill inside that b@#%$.
Dec 18 2008 7:26PM
i beat a record of 26 sec.
Dec 18 2008 7:21PM
I killed him like 12 times!!!!
Dec 13 2008 9:07AM
game is so easy i save the bun
Dec 12 2008 4:03PM
yay I saved the bunny (^^,)
Dec 12 2008 11:39AM
i love this game but to take t
Dec 11 2008 5:24PM
this game is cool i guess o.O
Dec 10 2008 6:18PM
this game is hard as Crap stin
Dec 10 2008 5:39PM
33 secs left
Dec 10 2008 3:36AM
16 seconds left, its fun to ki
Dec 9 2008 6:08PM
this was easy i had 13 sec .le
Dec 8 2008 6:36PM
This game is toooo easy!
Dec 8 2008 1:22AM
hah. its so lame its fun
Dec 7 2008 5:50AM
15 secs left
Dec 6 2008 6:44PM
Easyyyyy. 31 seconds left befo
Dec 5 2008 11:38PM
Dec 2 2008 12:01PM
lol 2seconds left
Dec 1 2008 10:03PM
how do you shave the belly
Dec 1 2008 11:39AM
i always pass it.. 38 secon
Nov 30 2008 7:24PM
This game is so freaking aweso
Nov 30 2008 2:05AM
got it done with 36 seconds to
Nov 29 2008 9:31PM
wit 25 secOnds tO spare lOl
Nov 29 2008 11:23AM
i cant shave the hole chest in
Nov 29 2008 11:23AM
i cant shave the hole chest
Nov 28 2008 10:44PM
Whoa! This game is easy! I h
Nov 28 2008 8:59PM
This game is so easy I got it
Nov 28 2008 4:54PM
7sec ha
Nov 27 2008 11:57AM
I got it done in 10 seconds it
Nov 27 2008 8:53AM
i got it all done in 24 sec.!
Nov 25 2008 8:11PM
when i was done it said 50 seconds
Nov 25 2008 8:03PM
i love this game but only saved him once i kill him on purpose
Nov 25 2008 9:54AM
omg <3 this game....poor bunny
Nov 18 2008 5:15PM
i have alot of comments
Nov 18 2008 5:15PM
lolz good game
Nov 18 2008 5:15PM
tis is funny
Nov 18 2008 5:15PM
Nov 18 2008 5:14PM
Nov 18 2008 5:14PM
Nov 18 2008 5:13PM
SO EASY i won and i had 42 seconds left its fun the first 5 times but it got boring

4/5 ill give it that
Nov 15 2008 3:07PM
i couldnt save him he died!!!
Nov 15 2008 1:54PM
won with 43 seconds on the clock!!!!! XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD
Nov 15 2008 8:21AM
I won with 34 more second on the clock!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 13 2008 11:51AM
i think it is cool it rocks 2
Nov 11 2008 1:58PM
pls add me !
Nov 11 2008 1:58PM
Its hard !!!!!!
Nov 8 2008 9:37AM
301st comment the new hundredth Lol!
Awesome I saved him first time