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Aug 5 2011 10:11AM
this is dumb
May 1 2011 10:52PM
this game is ****
Jan 2 2011 8:59PM
Dec 26 2010 3:44PM
Wow I just hit the play button and I quit this is the stupidest piece of crap game I've ever played and I don't even care if it's for kids, this sucks! 0/5
May 27 2010 4:23PM
0/5 sucks !!!!
Mar 13 2010 6:55PM
horny single girls add me and ill show u somthin
Feb 2 2010 8:30PM
hey evil sepant shut your mouth this game is for kids and up so i guess you should stop you big baby
Sep 18 2009 10:13PM
this sucks majorly i call first comment
Aug 25 2009 10:21AM
i dont know wut to say about how much it suck
Jul 2 2009 11:35AM
Jun 24 2009 12:46PM
this game is gay
Jun 5 2009 8:03PM
stupid,gay and hmmm oh retarded
Mar 20 2009 5:01PM
gay as hell
Jan 1 2009 1:28PM
This game is boring man I thougt I saw russia frm my house
Dec 14 2008 6:20PM
kinda cool
Nov 28 2008 12:07PM
it iz kinda frustrating i agre
Nov 28 2008 12:06PM
how do u beat the wolf spirit?
Apr 5 2008 11:36PM
i hate it it is stuped i want to delet this dumb game
Apr 5 2008 11:33PM
its a dum game it sucks anyone dont play it
Mar 10 2008 5:30PM
it cool