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Jul 27 2011 7:13PM
easy and fun
Jun 27 2011 9:11PM
eazy & kool
Feb 18 2011 4:33AM
great gardftbhv
Jan 9 2011 6:40PM
SOO EASY i beat it itss so fun too!!!!
Jun 27 2010 12:31AM
Well this game was so easy! It's one ov those games I can actually pass the lvl's! Lol!
May 11 2010 7:10PM
I like it ! Be my friend if u r a christian
Feb 18 2010 7:06PM
"I'm not that complicated. All my complications come out in my songs. All you have to do to be my friend islike me... and listen."~ Taylor Swift,
Feb 13 2010 7:35PM
Feb 3 2010 2:20PM
after about 10 seconds got bored. hate it!
Aug 27 2009 2:11PM
after 30 seconds i did NOT like it.
Aug 3 2009 9:29AM
i got 2 lvl 10 it get harder
Jul 24 2009 11:14PM
well i did and if ur a pro u would of went to level 10 so ur not pro i am k get got it good
Jul 24 2009 8:26PM
i dont think you can even pass level 10 because i have been playing for a long time and consider myself a pro now.
Jul 24 2009 3:50PM
i went all the way to level 10 but it gets boring at the end i hate the plants there so annoying lol
Jul 11 2009 6:04PM
awsome but hard.on levl 2 its really hard.
Jul 5 2009 5:41AM
I like this game, it took me ages to get past lvl 7 then i got to lvl 10 which is great, then i started all over again and i couldn't get past lvl 6 lol but now i can't get past lvl 7.
Jun 22 2009 10:21PM
I can't get past level 6
Jun 11 2009 9:10PM
I can't get past level 7.
Jun 9 2009 11:26PM
i love this gamee!
its fun.
May 24 2009 3:38AM
well good
May 23 2009 7:17PM
this is the most funest game it is not gay it is fun
May 22 2009 12:08PM
this is so cool i wish i could always play it i only got to level 5
May 19 2009 6:40PM
ok game but the whole time i was listening to narnia lullaby which distracted me
May 9 2009 9:18PM
poitless wasted 5 minites of my life
May 9 2009 10:17AM
I can't get pass day 6
Apr 4 2009 3:02PM
weird! but not gay.
Mar 8 2009 3:57PM
How can You pass 15th level, you get to level 7 and you have to download it, thats just sucks tbh
anyone agree ???
Add me
Mar 7 2009 12:47PM
Totally AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 6 2009 4:26PM
My friend likes it but its way t gross.s y !
Feb 24 2009 3:39PM
i got passed the 15th level nanananana
Jan 31 2009 10:56PM
i suck at it D:
Dec 23 2008 10:41PM
there is NO level 23 IDIOT it only goes to level 10 and starts all over!!
Nov 5 2008 6:33PM
this games is hecka fun but i can't make it throw day 7
Oct 29 2008 4:19PM
it was fun but i cant get past level 5 thats pathectic
Oct 20 2008 6:32PM
it is fun
Oct 5 2008 7:53AM
liammmm you meani! brittanyhorse look kind
Oct 5 2008 7:51AM
only got to day 5 i say, bad game not inouth kys
Sep 25 2008 7:14AM
gamed !!
Sep 5 2008 6:54PM
Aug 22 2008 5:04PM
its ok gets boring and alittle hard
Aug 17 2008 9:24PM
i like it
Aug 2 2008 11:02PM
I bought the game and beat it in like 30 minutes. I just recommend you don't get it because after you beat it once it just gets old really quickly.
Aug 1 2008 2:12PM
u loser, ther is no lvl 23, it goes up to like lvl 10 then finishes moron
Jul 28 2008 3:52PM
this game is soooooo easy
Jul 18 2008 10:50PM
i got to level 23 beat that
Jul 10 2008 7:45PM
i bet i played level 5 about 5 times it gets boring when u have to play a level over and over
Jun 23 2008 10:07PM
this game so easy i made it past level 10 ya hoo
Jun 22 2008 11:42PM
Level 7 is so easy. It is just like diner dash. But you are serving people in a hotel. Not in a restaurant.
Jun 21 2008 5:36PM
level five is evil
Jun 18 2008 11:45PM
level six is evil! the maid is evil! jane is evil! i am evil! *he he*
Jun 13 2008 1:47PM
Jun 5 2008 8:12PM
Jun 3 2008 7:50PM
same here puppylove
May 28 2008 6:32AM
how the hell do you do the sisxth level!
and that maid is fckin evil shes so slow
May 24 2008 4:10PM
HAH Okay bubblebrainstorm, don't even go there. Ever heard of the term "Don't judge a book by its cover? Well don't! "This game is probably sooooo gay!" Probably? Why don't you play it and find out? Don't comment a game if you haven't played it. Seriously.
May 19 2008 4:08PM
i havent played this game and i NEVER will! this game is probably sooooo gay!
May 19 2008 3:21PM
gay f^^^^^ gay
May 10 2008 7:57PM
I luv this game! its sooooo fun... it was very `addicting till i got bored... lol soz!!!!
Apr 28 2008 8:01PM
screw this game i can't get passed like the 6th level!!! well i donno!!!
Apr 26 2008 9:41PM
this game is fun
Apr 11 2008 2:22PM
Its alright x
Mar 25 2008 12:33PM
it is a little fun but hard at some level
Feb 17 2008 9:42PM
I love this game. It is so addictive and so much fun. I could play this all day and all night long and never get bored with it. It's awesome!!!
Feb 14 2008 9:39PM
i thot it wuse hord 4 me
Feb 11 2008 12:04PM
this game cool but then it got a lil harder and lil boring (lol)
Feb 6 2008 8:53PM
this was a cool game!!
Jan 27 2008 11:43PM
i love this games
Dec 23 2007 5:25PM
its ok but after a few games it gets borring
Dec 22 2007 11:56AM
i luv this game
Dec 16 2007 7:38PM
yah its really fun but i got board
Nov 30 2007 4:52PM
its ok
Nov 27 2007 6:29PM
love this game soooo awesome but now i think it needs a lil bit more fo work
Nov 24 2007 6:42PM
its alright its not bad its fun wat ever lol
Nov 22 2007 11:54PM
never mind!
Nov 22 2007 11:53PM
Pretty boring if you ask me!
Nov 20 2007 10:22PM
fun game
Nov 18 2007 2:04PM
I LOVE THIS GAME! it is really addicting and fun!
Nov 17 2007 2:57PM
this game is on fire ....I luv it.....HAHAHA
Nov 17 2007 2:12PM
i know!! it jus like diner dash!!
Nov 17 2007 11:12AM
I love this game its soooo fun and cool i loved this was very addicting until....i got
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