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Nov 19 2014 7:53PM
Jan 30 2011 9:16PM
this is girls only add me as your friend and i will do the same
Oct 9 2010 10:01AM
wait a minute, i have found hair closer to my own! click the hair four times instead! srry!
Oct 9 2010 10:00AM
oh yeah, and click the eyebrows twice
Oct 9 2010 9:57AM
click the hair once, choose the last eyelashes in the black eyelash row, change skin tone to the darkest shade, choose the top riht lips, choose the dark brown eyes, and choose the black eyeshadow, and then you have made me! <3
Jul 24 2010 9:45PM
kinda fun :- I
Apr 20 2010 2:56PM
this game is so aesome
Dec 27 2009 10:16AM
i like this game because you can dress people up and if you got a problem with my comment then solve it
Nov 25 2009 11:43AM
Wanna know wat i look like? (like seriously, wat i look like?) Then click the hair once, Choose the brown eyes that r next 2 da black ones,the skin tone thats on the bottom, the fourth black eyelashes down, and the white hat (cause i actually own a white cowboy hat) and dats pretty much it
Oct 3 2009 9:18AM
Oct 3 2009 9:18AM
Oct 3 2009 9:16AM
Sep 9 2009 11:53PM
heyy, guess what people this gamee. is freakking gay.!!!!!!!!
Aug 13 2009 7:22PM
i forgot hte lips bottom right lips
Aug 13 2009 7:19PM
this is what i think is cute

-long brown curly hair

-purple eyes

-bottom left eyelashes

-silver hoop earings

-brown circle necklace

-outfit with bag

hope you like it !!!!!!!! <3
Jun 22 2009 11:47AM
Mar 22 2009 10:28AM
this go hard
Mar 21 2009 6:07PM
the girl i made was sooo cute and Mz. Kim All Day your profile pick is sick!
Feb 15 2009 2:32PM
They should have more games like this.
Jan 3 2009 12:35AM
the girl i made was ugly god this game sucks add me guys
Dec 21 2008 11:50AM
this is kida...GAYY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 20 2008 1:47AM
it is cool want to............
Dec 15 2008 6:08PM
AbbyDLyn, u ra retard! texans
Dec 15 2008 6:05PM
i am from Texas, you should kn
Sep 8 2008 7:46PM
its ok i gess
Aug 10 2008 8:55AM
this game is kinda nice
Jul 13 2008 10:16AM
Fun game. But the tops are a bit "errgh", if you know what I mean.
Jul 1 2008 12:46AM
I seriously don't like this game. Just because a person is from Texas doesn't mean they dress like a hick. I'm Texas born and raised, and I'm by no means a hick. Stupid stereotypes. Should be renamed "Country Western Dress Up".
May 27 2008 8:40PM
I like it .
May 21 2008 11:32PM
my cousins from TEXAS i LOVE TEXAS
Mar 29 2008 7:33PM
I like it b/c of the clothing and how u get to change her makeup
and everthing like that
Feb 15 2008 6:37PM
wow its like dress up gglx idk im bored and waitin 4 my bf 2 get on gglx bb
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