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Jan 31 2012 3:35PM
i am about to play the game
Feb 26 2010 5:35PM
good game i like it i finsh all the levels and who said its gay they wack
hmu if u have a problem 4/5
Jan 31 2010 7:03PM
o and the is not gay u are
Jan 31 2010 7:03PM
wow this game is easy as heck seriuosly man
Jan 24 2010 1:38PM
ur only calling it gay cuz ur not good at it.
Jan 24 2010 1:37PM
Jul 6 2009 9:57PM
this is such a GAY game DUMB as HELL
Jan 31 2009 7:46PM
Jan 6 2009 2:08PM
Damn I think this game was made for infants. Try
Dec 24 2008 1:19PM
i dont think gays would like this game cause its soooo gay
Dec 22 2008 11:02AM
One word: Gay
Nov 16 2008 11:14AM
i fell asleep
Nov 2 2008 7:24PM
so gay
Oct 19 2008 10:02PM
gay game
Sep 13 2008 11:11PM
its so gay! i fell asleep 2! lol 0/5
Aug 20 2008 12:52PM
boring i fell asleep it was way to easy
Aug 16 2008 2:44PM
wast of time its so easy it its boring I feel asleep playing it I'm not lying
Aug 6 2008 1:57PM
Jul 31 2008 11:31AM
That Was The GAYEST Thing Eva GOD!!!!
Jun 3 2008 2:59PM
its kinda boring but ok i guess
May 15 2008 12:17AM
wat all u said
Apr 19 2008 11:45AM
this was uber gay
Mar 20 2008 9:33PM
i dont get it. its boring too
Mar 20 2008 8:02PM
this was uber gay
Jan 26 2008 5:50PM
I really didn't get this game its dumb to me